Set 10

A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order. Jean-Luc Godard

Ago 10

Ago 10

... and beautifulness.

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Jun 10

You affect me in a Psychotropic Way.

Totally Addicted!!!

Mai 10

Camille Javal: You like all of me? My mouth? My eyes? My nose? And my ears?
Paul Javal: Yes, all of you.
Camille Javal: Then you love me... totally?
Paul Javal: Yes. Totally... tenderly... tragically.

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Abr 10

Fev 10

That is the basic problem... you're waiting for me... I'm not there... I arrive... I enter the room... that's when I really start to exist for you... But I existed before that... I had thoughts... I may have been suffering... So the problem is to show you alive, thinking of me,and at the same time, to see me alive by virtue of that very fact.

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