Nov 10

Cynthia: If Ann got freaked out by these, there must be something sexual: are these tapes of you having sex with these girls?
Graham: No, not exactly.
Cynthia: Well, either you are or your aren't; which is it?
Graham: Why don't you let me tape you?
Cynthia: Doing what?
Graham: Talking.
Cynthia: About what?
Graham: About sex... your sexual history, sexual preferences.
Cynthia: What makes you think I'd discuss that with you?
Graham: Nothing.
Cynthia: Hmm. And you just want to ask me questions?
Graham: I just want to ask you questions.
Cynthia: That's all.
Graham: That's all.
Cynthia: Is this how you get off or something? Taping women talking about their sexual experiences?
Graham: Yes.

publicado por Luís Costa às 20:56

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